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電話アイコン0867-62-2211(Reception/11:00~15:00 18:00~21:00)

Toyosaka, Maniwa, Okayama 717-0406

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Welcome to Hakkei

20 years ago, an idea came to my mind - this inn is located in the mountain, why not turn it into a place where we serve plenty of fresh vegetables to our guests? ... And that was the beginning of Hakkei.
Our will is to "grow old with our guests". We welcome each one of our guest with warmth, comfort and carefully prepared delicious cuisine.
It is an accommodation that would satisfy your appetite and warm your heart.
Even after 20 years since we open, our belief remains just the same.

  • star rating  This was my second time to come. Traditional Japanese style onsen with friendly, attentive and helpful staff. Madam boss was super nice and kind to introduce our dinner. Fresh ingredients... read more

    avatar thumb rosannalalalam

    star rating  Outstanding hospitality - Very friendly host and helpful staff with amazing view and hot spring. Hakkei offers a great place for visitor to have a relaxing retreat, delicious food and a homey environment.... read more


    star rating  Awesome Food! Friendly, Helpful Staff and Relaxing Time in Greens! - This is an amazing place if you want to experience Japanese culture. You gonna feel culture and nature in life. You will have good onsen (hot spring), awesome dinner, and... read more

  • star rating  Charming ryokan surrounded by greenery  - Hakkei is nestled amongst the mountains in Tottori prefecture in the Yubaraonsen area. Picture perfect and so calming and restful.
    The service is excellent; we were greeted by the... read more


    star rating  Excellent Hot Spring - Good view, nice atmosphere enjoyed with friends.
    One of the best is outdoor onsen. Want to travel and visit again.
    Friends also enjoyed, piano was awsum. Everyone must visit.... read more


    star rating  An excellent stay - My friend and I had a fabulous time here in Hakkei. It was simply excellent and impressive in every aspect like service, enviornment, food, room facilities, etc. I would like... read more

    WL L
  • star rating  We visited Hakkie two days ago. Thanks to Hakkei and the excellent service provided by your delightful employee, Waseem, Samilo...., etc. Waseem helped us to sort... read more

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    star rating  Hospitality beyond compare - Impressive is the word. Great view and great onsen aside, our room 218 is tastefully decorated with a good mix of antique Edwardian and Meiji furniture. Hotel staff are more... read more


    star rating  One of the Top onsen ryokan in Japan - Food was excellent, Michelin grade with fresh produce from the region.
    Service was not only top notch, but with
    warmth and friendliness.
    The ryokan has the best location, facing
    the... read more


Introduction video



It is a style unique to Hakkei, which is characterized by using more than 50 kinds of vegetables for dinner and breakfast.

Hakkei is an inn that focuses on cuisine.
In Hakkei, we offer 50 kinds of vegetables as ingredients for our meals.
We could also prepare vegan dishes, so please state your request at the time of reservation.

Cuisine that colors your trip


At the cooking parties held several times a year, we go beyond the framework of mountain village cuisine and use "fish from the San'in region and the Seto Inland Sea" to enjoy the menu for that day only.・On the morning of the day, the menu is completed after asking the customer about the ingredients and cooking method.
We also offer unique vegetarian dishes and pot dishes.
The world is full of health-consciousness and measures against metabolic syndrome in the newspapers and TVs, but regardless of the trend, we use delicious ingredients nearby and naturally accept the amount of food that you can comfortably eat and cooking that does not burden your stomach. I would like to cherish the method from now on.
That said, there are still many things I have not learned, but I will continue to make efforts together with the head chef so as not to disappoint the expectations of repeat customers who often return and customers who come all the way from far away.
Thank you very much.

Vegetarian and vegan options available

At Hakkei, we want every customer to enjoy our cuisine. Vegetarian and vegan dishes can be served with advance notice.
Please call us in advance if you need to confirm details such as specifying the meal content.
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All dishes are made using this broth as the base.
For guests who stay over 2 or more nights, we would prepare breakfast according to their preference.
If you come to Hakkei, you will surely appreciate the fresh air, the gentle hot springs, and the carefully prepared cuisine put together by the head chef.

Please enjoy the unique taste of Hakkei.

I would like our guests to enjoy the authentic taste of each ingredient…
This is what is in my mind when I prepare the broth.

Head Chef  Seiya Masahara

Hot Spring

The water of an alkaline hot spring with pH 9.3 is so soft that it clings to the skin.
You would wake up with more beautiful skin every morning.



Situated just outside the main building is "SUNA YU", a well known mixed bathing outdoor hotspring with over 800 years of history. It is opened 24 hours a day and free of charge.
We have prepared special bathing wear for the ladies, so we highly courage ladies to try out this outdoor hot spring.
Moreover, we highly recommend our guests to use the facility early in the morning as it is quieter during that time of the day.


Yuhara Onsen Hakkei's unique sand water front.
SUNA YU view. And suspension bridge front.
Each stunning view will become unforgettable scenery for you.
You may choose your favorite room according to your needs.
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Meal place「HANA-GURUMA」
Souvenir corner
Facilities for kids


Hakkei is in the middle of the Sea of Japan and Setouchi, you may reach Izumo Taisha Shrine, Adachi Museum of Art, Tottori Sand Dunes, Himeji Castle, Naoshima and Kurashiki within 2 hours by car.
Kobe, Osaka and Hiroshima are also within 3 hours.
By Shinkansen (bullet train), Okayama station is only 70 minutes away.
From Tokyo area

Access from Okayama Airport

  • Please use a rental car or shared taxi(\4,500) from Okayama Airport.
    ※Shared taxis must be reserved in advance by 17:00 the day before.
  • If you are taking a shared taxi from Okayama Airport, please take a bus that you can get off at Maniwa City Hall.
  • 《Shared taxi arriving at Maniwa City Hall》
    ・Okayama Airport(9:50)⇒Maniwa City Hall(11:40)
    ・Okayama Airport(12:40)⇒Maniwa City Hall(14:30)
  • Reservation required We have a shuttle service from Maniwa City Hall to Hakkei, so please contact us in advance.
From Osaka

From Hiroshima
From Okayama